Invasive Plants Be Gone!

See a new plant? Not sure if it’s invasive? Book a hike with me to learn about common invasive plants and what you can do to limit their spread.

Dog Strangling Vine – Cynanchum rossicum  (formerly Vincetoxicum rossicum) 

What is it?  Dog strangling vine, also known as European swallowwort, pale swallowwort or just swallowwort is a perennial non-woody flowering plant, native to southeastern Europe and Asia, and introduced to North America in the 1800s for gardening but which has since become invasive.  Contrary to its menacing name, this vine like plant cannot strangle man’s best friend but its rapid spread across southern Ontario and parts ofContinue reading “Dog Strangling Vine – Cynanchum rossicum  (formerly Vincetoxicum rossicum) “

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